Recent Exhibitions, Honors & Publications - janeschultzart


-  Juror: The EQUINOX EXPERIENCE, an immersive photo exhibition project of the New Era Museum, CROSSMEDIA GROUP and the Florence International Photography Awards

-  Instructor: Main Line Night School for Art on the iPhone

-  Administrator: @ig_artistry

-  NEM Artist & Curator: New Era Museum


-  Wayne Art Center:  Robotic (pinned) and Existence (on film) (Feb - Mar 2017)

-  Main Line Art Center: Robotic (pinned) (Dec 2016 -Jan 2017)

- The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, Light Impressions on Tour – A portfolio of 13 images (2016)

-  Wayne Art Center: Weird Fishes (Sept-Oct 2016)

-  2016 mDAC Mobile Photo Art and Creativity Summit Exhibition, Palo Alto, CA: Little Black Dress (Aug 2016)

-  JCC 3rd Annual International Mobile Photography Exhibit, Indianapolis, IN: Robotic (pinned), Tongues and Quiet Sighs, and Existence (on film) (8/9/16-9/16/16)

-  Génies Climatiques Project, Paris, France: Metamorphosis & Fish Head (May-June 2016)

-  Wayne Art Center, The Dance (April-June 2016)

-  Main Line Art Center, Rosie v1, My Collection (May-June 2016) 

-  New Era Museum, Impossible Humans, The Naima Wave performance, Rome Auditorium - Dandelion Head & Fight for the Nest  (March 2016)

-  Texas Photographic Society Cell Phone Photography IV: Moving Past The Camera - Little Black Dress (Jan 2016)

 -  Wayne Art Center - The Mist Leaves No Scars (Oct 2015)

  - FIPA Florence International Photography Awards Exhibition,Florence, Italy (June 2015) & Tethys Gallery, Florence, Italy (October 2015) - Kalverztraat

  - Mobile Camera Club and M2K Theatres, Paris, France – Upside Down (June-Sept 2015)

  - mDAC 2015 exhibition, Mobile Digital Art Center, Paolo Alto, California - Existence (June 2015)

  - Museum of New Art - Dislocated 3  (May 2015)

  - Louve private showing, Paris, France (June 2015)

  - Gallery25n Exhibition: Mind, Spirit, Emotion – Recknoner, Blackest Eyes (Nov-Dec 2014)

  - The New Bohemian Gallery, Franklin Arts Center – Rosie v1, My Collection (Nov-Dec 2014) 

  - Wayne Art Center: Expressions of Radnor – Melting in the Sun (2015)

  - Community Art Center; Body Forms – Don’t You Forhet About Me (2015)

  - Wayne Art Center – The Painter’s Link (10/19-11/15-14)

  - LightBox Photographic Gallery {Mobile Magic XIII} – Dislocated 3, The Painter’s Link (Oct-Nov 2014)

  - New Era Museum, Dislocated 3 (Sept 2014)



  - 5 HONORABLE MENTIONS 2016 MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS  in Fine Art,  Self-Portraits, and Visual FX categories

  - Wayne Art Center: Honorable Mention for Robotic (pinned)

  - Main Line Art Center Exhibition: Honorable Mention for Robotic (pinned)

  - TZIPAC 4th Eros Awards ( - First Place Fine Art and Open: Robotic (pinned)

  - Finalist Fine Art and Open: Bird Woman and In My Dreams (colour)

  -  43mm-TZIPAC ( international photography competition Gopix Exposée 2016: - Bronze Winner Fine Art and Open: Robotic (pinned) - Finalist: Existence 2 and Freedom

  -  JCC 3rd Annual International Mobile Photography Awards: - 1st Place, Other: Robotic (pinned) - 3rd Place, Portrait: Tongues and Quiet Sighs - Honorable Mention, Other: Existence (on film)

  -  Main Line Art Center - Honorable Mention for Rosie v1, My Collection

  -  2016 Mobile Photography Awards (Honorable Mention in 3  categories)- Visual FX: Little Black Dress, Portraits: Noir, Silhouettes: Robotic

  -  Named a NEM Artist by the New Era Museum (Sept 2015)

  - Wayne Art Center - Cerminaro/Coleman Award for The Mist Leaves No Scars (Oct 2015)

  - 2015 Mobile Photography Awards - Honorable Mentions for Visual FX: The Grain of Reality - and Self-Portraits: Butterfleye

  - TZIPAC 3rd Annual Zebra Award -Finalist for Girl with Pearl Earring, The Children Come, and Soho (May 2015)

  - New Era Museum Most Wanted Visionaries (The Publisher’s Section) (2014 and 2015)


  - Génies Climatiques Project, Esplanade Roger Linet 75011, Paris, France (Curators: Leny Bagshop, Nadine Benichou, and Stéphanie DuPont, Photographers/Founders of Mobile Camera Club) (May 2016)

  - New Era Museum, Impossible Humans, The First Wave and The Third Wave (2015-6)

  - SVAW! 3 (Stop Violence Against Women) - mobile artist collaborative

  - International Salon of Mobile Art exhibition - best of collection



Numerous publications and/or curated selections, including:

 - Phoneographer Magazine - Feature interview

 - Huffington Post France

 - Me Myself(ie) and I (1/5) - Selfportrait ARTE Creative TV

 - TrueView Interview -What does your Work say about Mobile Photography and/or Mobile Art?”

  - FotoCult Magazine 

  - Devove Magazine (cover)

  - Die Angst Magazine

  - iPhonography Central

   - Mobiography

  - The App Whisperer

  - Pixels at an Exhibition

   - 43mm Magazine

   - Platform 58 Magazine

   - We Are JUXT (now GRRYO)

   - New Era Museum

   - Art of MOB

   - The Mortal Muses

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