-  Organizer: MOBILE SYMPHONIES, a digital exhibition of mobile art on TheAppWhisperer's Online Gallery

-  Juror:

A NEW LIFE, an exhibition at the Bartoli Felter gallery in Cagliari, Italy

The EQUINOX EXPERIENCE, an immersive photo exhibition project of the New Era Museum, CROSSMEDIA GROUP and the Florence International Photography Awards and Delaware County Camera Club

-  Docent: Pop Up Gallery, Celebrating Israel Through Art

-  Instructor , Speaker, and Judge: Various photography and mobile art classes and camera clubs

-  Administrator, Curated Art Submission Pages: Edit from the Soul (FB) and @editfromthesoul (Instagram & Vero)

-  NEM Artist & Curator: New Era Museum



- Your Dream is You, Artsonline Web Art Gallery - The Other Half 


- PH1 Motion, Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia, Roma, Italy - Untethered  

- MIRA Awards, Porto, Portugal - Emotional Landscape 4, Iceland in Bubbles

- Through the Lens, Perspective Gallery, Chicago, Ill, US - Various Mobile Art Works

- Is it a Dream or a Memory, Cape Cod Art Center, Mass, US - Antibellum


- PPAC Transformations Show, The New Hope Art Center, PA- A leap of faith and Do a little Dance

- mDAC Mobile Photo Art and Creativity Summit, Palo Alto, CA - Reformation 3

- 6th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Barcelona, Spain - Where are the prophets and My Cinnamon Girl 


- WAC Fall Members Exhibition, PA - Symphony in Red:Crescendo and Unconventional Movement 

- PPAC Transformations, Doylestown, PA - Symphony in Red:  Crescendo and Unconventional Movement 


- The Beauty Myth, Copernico Gallery, Milan - Barbie Scissorhands

- Being There: Black & White, Emotional Landscape 4 and Carry That Weight 

- Expressions of Radnor, PA - Death Will Not Conquer


- 19th Julia M Cameron Award - Winner Alternative Process (non-prof) for the series Baking with Flowers; Honorable Mention for the series Ancestral Healing

    - 15th & 18th Julia M Cameron Awards - select Award Honorable Mentions

- 2022 Mobiography Awards - Hydrangeas on the Rocks, Iceland in Bubbles, Welcome to the Jungle, Wildflowers in bluem 

- 2002 MIRA Awards Shortlist - Emotional Landscape 4, Iceland in Bubbles

-  2015-2021 MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, Honors in Photo Essay, Fine Art,  Self-Portraits, Portraits, Eyes of the World, and Visual FX categories

- Wayne Art Center: Cerminaro/Coleman Award for The Mist Leaves No Scars

- TZIPAC 4th Eros Awards ( - First Place Fine Art and Open: Robotic (pinned)


Mobiography,  iPhoneographer, FOTO Cult and 43mm Magazine, iPhoneography Central,  the App Whisperer including podcast, the New Era Museum, iPhoneographer, and P1xels.

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