Jane Schultz is a predominantly self-taught mobile artist from Pennsylvania, USA. Her work embodies a visual illustration of art created from mobile devices. Jane's images have been exhibited in museums, art centers, and galleries on an international basis, including Paris, Rome, and Florence. She is represented by The App Whisperer Online Gallery https://theappwhispererprintsales.com

Numerous publications for photography and mobile artistry have showcased Jane's mobile art, including Mobiography, FOTO Cult and 43mm Magazine, iPhoneography Central,  the App Whisperer, the New Era Museum, iPhoneographer, and P1xels. She was named multiple times as a Most Wanted Visionary by New Era Museum and declared a New Era Museum Artist. She has also been recognized in numerous art competitions.

Jane teaches photography and mobile artistry. She also curates for the New Era Museum and administers Edit from the Soul and @ig_artistry, FB and Instagram groups which promote originality, creativity, and emotive art. She can be found at www.janeschultzart.com and on Flickr and on Instagram as @before.1st.light, @the.the.sky.above.the.rain .above.the.rain  and @after.1st.illumination.

“I am part of an art movement, called mobile artistry, where visual art is created almost exclusively using mobile devices. I believe that quality mobile artistry starts with a good underlying photographic capture. That involves technique, composition, balance, light, and texture.. but I find the capture alone to only be the foundation for my creative process. It is in post-processing that I channel my emotions and creativity. My iPad becomes my canvas and the photograph the initial layer of paint. In the work that follows, the paint remains wet and the exposure unset until I hit the image’s sweet spot.”

Please contact me at janeschultzart@gmail.com

- for sale inquiries, including framing, custom sizes and materials

- to commission a custom portrait based on your pictures. They may be based on any of the below designs or as discussed with the you. As these are customized and hand done, each piece may vary. for inquiries.

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